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With  FC  TRAINING, you will learn how to reduce your native accent so as to make sure your speech is both clear and understandable to the ears of a native speaker of English. We will teach you how to work on your British accent, while at the same time help you recognise various English accents from across our worldwide English-speaking community. Please have a look at the two following short videos from the Oxford University Press series. These well illustrate some common differences between British and American English.
Your FC  TRAINING team of TEFL and Celta-certified teachers have all been trained in the UK. Right from your first English workshop, we want to give you the tools you need to learn how to pronounce and master all the phonemes of the English language. Our tried and tested techniques will help you develop the confidence you need to express your thoughts more fluently. You will find below a sample of the practice sessions we implement in all our courses.
Your dedicated FC  TRAINING team will help you avail yourself of the best tools and reference works currently available on the market. All these have been tested and tried out beforehand, so as to ensure your precious time and resources are not wasted. Below is another sample of the kind of exercises we use in our English workshops, from the famous Pearson Longman series.
Before your FC TRAINING gets started, our team will assess your initial level of English, according to the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFRL). We will also set up an interview so as to know more about your current line of work, along with your future career and business projects. We will then use your precious input to put together an effective, tailor-made vocabulary building programme. We want you to acquire the vocabulary that will enable you to reach your goals. To that effect, we rely extensively on one of the best visual dictionaries in the world, from the Meriam-Webster collection, which has been designed both in the US and in Canada (Montreal). You will find below a sample of the flashcards that we use, when offering training to professional athletes.
Your FC TRAINING team will also make it a point to incorporate role plays into each one of your English workshops. We want to make sure your newly acquired language skills are implemented within your own business field straight away. In the example you will find below, phrasal verbs are put to good use according to the specific line of work and demands of the student.
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